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How to approach a professor for funding/ Assistantship / Admission / supervison

How to address Prof:
By full Name or By Last name (EX: Dr. / Prof. Dakai Zhu).

How to start :
Its good to start with a  greeting (Like Good morning or Good Day ).

What to day :
1. Your identity.
2. Your Interest.
3. Why you pick him… ( for your interest in his research).
4. How you know him… (through webpage, or while reading one of this paper.. etc)
5. How much you know his work/research (mention If you have some knowledge about his work).
6. Some (if any) of your contribution in the same field.
7. Mention your publication (if any) with title and one copy of each attached with the mail.
8. Mention your specific Strong points( Like From you are, your result, Admission test result).
9. Mention work Experience if it really fit with his work(but if does not match then do not prolong it).

Attachments :
1. Academic Transcript.
2. CV
3. GRE / TOEFL Score
4.Papers(if have)


The prof will not pick you for your benefit. He will pick you for his own benefit. Think How you can let him think that you are important and he needs you . This may take  reading his paper, talk show, presentation, so on.


Try to be as much different as possible. Prof generally receives ton of email daily. Let him feel you are special. It is not using some good adjective rather showing interest/familiarity in his work / research work.

Try to make a high estimation about yourself  which really you are. You may share some of your ideas with him.


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