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Sorry, I don’t like to talk

For last couple of days I am feeling an interesting change in me. I used to talk a lot (probably with all people whom I did not particularly dislike). But for some reasons, recently, I do not like to talk/discuss with anyone for long time. So, I need to avoid people where I may have to talk a lot. And I have checked that, I really feel bad or guilty after I talk a lot ( the guilty is at the level of  telling a lie which could have been avoided with minimal efforts).

So,  These are some strategies  I may  try to apply to  avoid babbling, some of which I am practicing right now  and some  I would like to practice   :

1. Do not overstaying with friends / or someone whom I like  to talk with or who likes babbling with me (some people really like to talk a lot, no matter who they are talking with). Recently, I am trying not to visit some of my  friends/others at their house. I found that when I visit my friend or others at their house, I  mostly talk to maintain the formality.

2. If I have an invitation for dinner or so, I try to go just in time before the dinner (or lunch) starts. and try to quit as long as I have finished my appetizer.

3.  I am trying to be out of chat from mail (gmail), facebook, skype. I am thinking I would turn off my cell phone when I am not going through critical events. I used to practise not answering unimportant call immediately, and later call them back. But recently, I do not feel to call someone back even one their cell phone.

4. I think, now there is only one person (you can think of  her as  special one, but  it is not like that) whom I like to talk with even at a very high cost (I would not clarify the cost). Today, I have decided for the  third time (or even more times) that I would stop babbling with her as well.

5. When someone come to visit me, I may tell him/her that I would like to   go out for a walk or run (which can be an excuse for sometime but I really do like  running . In some other post, I will write why I like to run).

Now, I am trying to find reasons, I like to avoid talking a lot.

1. May be I think, when I talk a lot, I waste my time. It seems  mostly I do not enjoy talking.

2. When I talk with someone, (s)he takes my attention not for the time being but even long time after this is done.

3. I think, I am not doing some good thing in the excuse of not having enough time. So  my time saving, would stop me either from giving myself excuse or being unable to do something extra-ordinary.

Other than writing blogs what else I can do to avoid talking a lot :

1. I am planning to learn how to play drum. (I am really as close as getting my drumstick  :p)

2. And I am searching some other things (of course, not chatting ( low order misdemeanor), watching porn( top order self crime) etc etc .

Posted on June 13, 2013

at 12:21 AM.

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