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Yes, I like to run

Go Prosun, Go!

One of my special friends commented it on my facebook post of attending Austin half-marathon.  I think, I like this comment more than any other comments on me I have come across in facebook.

 I like to run.I have think the reasons through. So  far I could think of, these are the reasons I run:

1. After  my regular study / research on the day time, I really feel bored in the afternoon. I think, running/walking  is the best entertainment I can give to myself.  But why running / walking is fun for me? I think, walking/running is sportive, because when I walk, I come across so many things. Although, the same roads I use to run through, very often, I discover new thing (even I discover old thing in another new style). On my way, sometimes, I find new faces, sometime old ones. I find trees. Sometime, I feel surprised that I overlooked  some trees.

2. I think, running is a very good type of physical exercise.

3. I feel that, I can achieve recognition/honor even by running. Some last 2/3 months I used to run/walk 4/6 mile regularly which is posted on facebook through my iphone app. Now, at San Antonio, many people know that I run. I am sure, some even may not know which department at UTSA I belong to, but they know I run. this is fun recognition and I like it.

4. I think, running is a kind of exceptional hobby/fun. So, I think, when I would say, I fun/ hobby is running ( which is infact true), I would feel exceptional in a good way, which I think, I enjoy.


My ultimate goal:

1. Run marathon at different places.

2. Try to cross Mount Everest (may be too ambitious).


Composed on June 13, 2013

12:48 at night.

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