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My Idol

Once, I asked one of my friend who was his idol. He replied me with Prophet Mohammand. Then when he asked me back, who was my idol, I wanted to say my idol is My father, but I replied with  Lord Krishna. In fact,  I did not have the guts to say the truth. But now, I would say, my father is my idol. He is the source of most the good habits I possess. Here are some things I have learned from him in the very beginning of my life.

Calmness : My father can stay calm even in the very outrageous situation. He hardly loses temper. I think, I have not seen him being outburst in anger. Even, I can remember some situation, when one of my cousin was behaving in a bad manner with him and scolding himself. That time, I (at the age of 9 or 10  ), got very excited. How come someone can speak that loud in the face of my father. Later, I asked him why he remained cool and did not scold her back. He said “Listen, son! I should listen to her. She may have some good points. Listening to her, does not mean that I am complying with whatever she says”. I think, that day I had got the lesson of calmness. I also try to let other express their feeling even if sometime it hurts me.

Optimism: My father is very optimistic about most  things. I think, if you say that you are going to make something impossible to happen, he would believe it and try to encourage you in your direction.

Giving importance to other’s opinion: I could remember, even when we (me and my sisters) were kids, my father used to take our opinion on many things. I wonder why he did that. I think, he did not rule out the possibility that, even we kids could have come up with some  interesting points. I have started  to practice this as early as I have discovered this quality in his character.

Trusting: My father used to trust people easily. Many time he would believe something without even judging. This is good or bad or both. Better not to judge it.  But I have liked this quality and hence, believe mostly what others say. When someone cuts a joke on me in a serious face, I mostly believe him. This is a reason, people can trick me easily. Nonetheless, I like believing others.

and Many others: I think, there may many other qualities he posses of them of course some are not nice.  But that is okay. Nobody is perfect. However, in the end, I like to say… “Dad…I love you… I am proud that I am your son.”


Composed on June 14, 2013

at night 1:04.


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