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People whom I dislike

There are few human habits (or characteristics) I do not like. When I see such things in someone , I mostly remain quiet but try not to face them again depending on how much dislike I have on that particular habit.

 So, Human with these attributes   I dislike:

1. Those who lie  for  their own benefit while doing some clear harms/discomfort to others. To me, lying is only okay in great danger, benevolence,  harmless fun / social norms and so on.

2. Those who brags about themselves. I believe, no matter how good you are, you gotta have some limitations. Likewise, even the most stupids may have  great qualities.

3. Person who does not follow their own words. I have seen person, who says something and proves oneself stupid by not  following his own words. One very typical example is about timing. Most often, people do  not keep their words about timing. Few are always late and keep  other waiting. But I am pretty sure, even these people mostly follow time strictly at critical events like for exam, office meeting etc. In fact, I think, when someone does not follow timing at some events, he/she does not put proper importance in these events. I really hate when someone  misses his/her appointment with me in time without valid reasons/ prior acknowledgement.

4.  I dislike person who underestimates / humiliates others.

5. When someone discriminates between man/woman, it irritates me.  The Man (male gender) have great virtues. So, do women. I think,  there is courageous man, and also woman. There is extraordinarily brilliant man, and also woman. I am not sure ( I don’t like) whether there is something that man can do but woman cannot. Rather, to me women are great because they carry their babies. I think, they may possess some great qualities for baby-carrying  reason.


On June 13, 2013

At 11:58 PM.

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