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Me on the Scale

In secondary and higher secondary school, we used to analyze characters from novels or stories. Hero’s character was full of courage, strength, sympathy and so on. By the way, we also used to characterize  villain, the bad guy. Now, its me . I am pretty much excited to know what I get at the end of the scrutiny.

Okay, first I would talk about my bad sides so that I may end up with writing good stuffs of me.  But don’t be so judgemental… :p

My Bad:

1. Many times, I comment  about people or things that I do not really agree with. The most lie I have made is about how she cooks. Sometime, I also lie because I cannot speak the truth ( for lack of courage) on someone’s face.

2. Some time I criticize people on their back.

3. Some time, I overdo things to establish a relation. But once, the relationship is established and if I found that the person has some habits that I do not like, I kinda avoid these people.

4. I think, I am almost a boring person. I can only talk to someone whom I like.

5. I try to avoid people outside my current circle. There are some person, who used to be in my circle at some particular period of time. But later, I intentionally dry up the relationship with these persons.

6. Some time, I do things for show off.

7. I fall in love with girls (also with other things) pretty fast.

My Good: 

1. I try to be sympathetic to other’s feeling.

2. I hardly desire ( or do)  harm for others.

3. I do not envy other’s success.

4. I try to keep my words.

5. I try to lots of stuffs whom I love  or   care for.

6. I like to work hard.

Anyways, thats lots of stuffs about me. If you are reading this post (why the hell you are reading this…:p) , please feel free to let me know what I missed something  or simply have not realized.

By Prosunjit at chase hill apt.

June 14, 2013

at night 11:45.

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  1. July 1, 2013 at 4:28 am

    bonjour à tous, Je suis vieille de trente-six printemps Et
    tant pis si ça ne se dit pas !
    je suis Georgette
    Je suis surveillant pénitentiaire . Mon caractère est plutôt souriant.

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