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Some Record of my daily Activities

My friend Ashis says, its always fun to see some data / records. I did not felt it that way before. I used to think picture/image is okay, but how come someone could like data.  Guess what! Now, I have began to like seeing data, graphs and so on. This is only because these data is being generated by me. I am recently using several iphone apps – ‘endomondo’ for tracking my every day walking for running, ‘Sleep cycle’ for tracking my daily sleeping record and ‘heart rate’ for tracking my heart rate. That’s really fun. Every day, I am generating lots of data. and I pass some of my leisure time seeing and analyzing this data.

The following records have been generated by ‘endomondo’  while I was running with my iphone . See, I have  Lots of data now. I  really enjoy looking at my current data and comparing my past datum to track my progress.

My running/walking data

My running/walking data


My sleep record are being captured by ‘Sleep time’ app. Before sleeping I place my iphone upside down with this app running. That’s all. At the morning, after getup, I see how was my sleep.  Last night my sleep efficiency was 76%. Pretty cool, huh! When I saw that my sleep efficiency was 76%, I knew I was going to pass a nice day without feeling drowsiness.  And it is .

My sleep record for June 16 &17 , 2013.

My sleep record for June 15&16 , 2013.

Another data I really care about me is my heart rate. ‘Heart rate’ app is cool. It shows your heart rate any time you want to measure.  Five minutes ago,  when I measured my heart rate it showed me 76 though sometime I get really good heart rate like 64/65.

My heart rate on 06/17/2013 at 12:01 AM.

My heart rate on 06/17/2013 at 12:01 AM.


Now besides these number or values in the datum, One very interesting thing I have learnt while using this apps to track records of my activities –  when we quantify something it really helps us judge where we are. Once, we know where we are, we tend to set a goal where we wanna see ourselves. This improves our efficiency in some extent. For say,  “Endomondo” is really inspiring me run better every day. So, have fun with your records.




On June 17, 2013

At  night, 12:14


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  1. nima
    July 25, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    hmmm…where can we find endomondo apps.we dont have any ability to buy a iphone !!!! :p

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