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Know less to know more

Know Less to Know More

There was a time – I wish I knew most of the great and small things of every talk around me. I wish, I could have been able to be at the center of these talks. I have tried this hard and in some respect, I was able to drive some discussion. But now, I really want to know few things, very few things – things that are really associated with my job, my career and family and my dearest friends. I have this intriguing thought budding inside me after I have carefully noticed one of my friends who is well known for his achievement in computer programming but astonishingly ignorant of many of the very common things known by most people.

In fact, it is not possible to know most of every thing or even most of very few things. Rather, I think, when I am aware of so many things, it makes it harder for me to know / maintain a delicate knowledge of these things. I believe, our brain can only handle a finite amount of information. So, when I fill my jewel box with rocks, I have hardly enough space for the real jewels. So, I have decided not to be concerned to most of the “unnecessary” things happening around me. But deciding the “necessary” and “unnecessary” are not trivial and it involves a careful thought of many things. I think, Knowing less about these unnecessary thing helps us knowing more about the necessary things.

The same necessary thing can be “unnecessary” to others. For example, one focusing in computer science major may not need to know a lot about politics. One focusing in medical career may be need to be a techno-geek. I think, knowing unnecessary things not only burden once’s shoulder but also force one to stumble.

I have identified something which I think unnecessary but indeed popular (and highly practiced) among most people. The best example is news – political news, sport news and so on. Another very common things people become concern/ aware of is how all other people look at them. This is caring for all unnecessary people. Sometime while caring for all these unnecessary people, we may end up with being careless for real necessary people. So, knowing less about these unnecessary people help us knowing or caring more about the real ones.

on July 06, 2013

3:00 PM

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