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Motivating others – Repeat until you hear it back

Motivating others – Repeat until you hear it back

How have we got our words? how have we learnt to talk? In our childhood We have been listening the words a lot until we have learnt to use them. Image how many times our parents utter the word “Mom”, “dad” before we have call them back in this name. Even this is true when we learn new things or new ideas in our adulthood. We keep trying, we keep repeating until we learn the new thing.

The same idea works when we want to plant some ideas into others. If you keep repeating to someone that they are worth of doing or becoming something, they may not believe it in the first place, or even in second or third place. But eventually they will believe it and become it. The only challenge is that you have to have the opportunity to be in touch with the person to repeat her as many times as she needs hear it. I have seen someone who initially did not believe something, but after I repeat it a lot, she begins thinking over it. Later, at some point she started giving my words back to me. Obviously, if you want to use it for the good of someone, the chance of success increases significantly in which case the person can trust you easily. One thing, you believe it first before you want someone else to believe it. You have to become confident before you make other confident.

Besides motivating positively, We can use the idea of repetation to demotivate or demoralize someone . If you constanly, humiliate someone, question her ability to do something, eventually she may loose confidence in herself and may end up being impotent.


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