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Philosophy of Mistakes (Invalid or wrong Assumptions)

Who wants to make mistakes and turns to be a stupid ? But unfortunately,  I make mistakes even though I don’t want to . But I am okay with the fact that I am prone to mistakes ( I am not perfect, no matter how much close to it :p ) but its time I should find out reasons  I make mistakes. There are a lot to list here. Hopefully, I would touch others on some other day.


Most of the times, mistakes are being made because of wrong or Invalid assumptions. Very often we make assumptions which  we are unaware of let alone justifying its validity. Here is an incident that happened because of my wrong assumption.

Once I was on a vacation in Sent Martin Island which was really a nice place and the day was wonderful as well. I was really enjoying everything of it. In the afternoon, my colleague ask me to go out with him. It was okay cause I was doing nothing more interesting. So, I went out. But I knew my phone  (new and attractive one) was drained off charge. So, i decided to re-charge it just along side the window which was accessible from outside. I knew there was possibility an outsider could steal it away. But I thought, I would remain very close to my room and comeback very soon before anyone discover the fact that I left my phone vulnerable to theft. But I was quite wrong and as soon as I returned I found my  phone was gone. Why I end up making this mistake – because of the wrong assumption that nobody will know –  I left my phone unattended and vulnerable.

Some other example of these type of invalid or wrong assumptions are that

> This (eg. an exam, or a task, or even a date) is very easy. I could make it with a little effort. But often times we cannot measure how tough it would take before you start it.

> (s)he is a good person. I can believe him/her with my secret or else. But Often times you cannot guarantee what he/she gonna do with your secret. It can soon become talk of your circle.

Hopefully, I would come back one another day to to put some more thoughts on other type of mistakes.

Prosunjit Biswas

@ ChaseHIll Apt

on 08/05/2013, 9:43 PM.

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  1. August 6, 2013 at 2:40 pm

    stupid 🙂

  1. February 3, 2014 at 1:13 am

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