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Worried? No, worry

You are worried ? It’s okay if you are. Why shouldn’t we worry? There is so many things happening around us that we may affect our living either in good or bad ways. So, may be,  if you are worried, you are conscious of the fact that you may be affected. So, you may want to change the way things happen or the way that affects you. Thus, worry is good and keep being aware of yourself.


But very often, this is the other way around.  We are worried of something that we may not change or even, we are not  changing ourselves to adopt the consequences. That way, it gets worse and you are double dead.

One way to keep ourselves away from worrying too much is to think win-win. Thinking win-win  means no matter what happens you gonna win. Really it is. Everything, no matter  whether something is happened to you  or not, you failed a test or not, your girlfriend/boyfriend dump on you or not and so on,  has both good and bad sides. We find the side we are inclined to. If you are a  person who finds only the bad side and no good at all – its yet okay. This is because you did not tried to look the bright side. Now, you will find the good of everything because you want it now.

I have recognized the very  fact, few days ago through one of my experiences.  Very recently, I have purchased a car and I had to sit for the actual road test. I  practiced reasonably well and scheduled a test date. On the very day, I was very nervous. I was thinking what would happen if I fail in which case I had to   re-schedule another test day, receive training from a professional trainer and  ask someone to take me to the DPS (test location). What a heck! But I could not set my mind free of the worry and i knew it gonna kill me on the test. Suddenly, I started thinking about the positive side of failing the test. I thought that if I fail that means I am not skillful enough to drive fluently on roads and highways. So, it is saving me from unwanted road-crushes. So, failing is a good indication that, I need more practice which is for my own  well being.  Eventually, I came to situation which benefits me no matter whether I pass and not. Boom!! I was not worried anymore. Suddenly, I felt comfortable and relaxed. and happy that I passed the test.

So, I think, thinking win-win let you win no matter what happens. So, why not think this way….


@Chase Hill Blvd, San Antonio.

9/8/2013 @11:00 AM.


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