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setting up a fire – the must thing is your mind..

How to set up a fire ? what you need ? One possible solution – you need wood, may be gasoline, a lighter. That’s all – not really. Otherwise, the earth would be on fire all the time. The must thing – you may have missed is your mind to set up a fire which is the hardest thing to collect. You have many alternatives for other elements – what about a candle instead of a wood, what about bonfire instead of a lighter ? That ways it is rather easier ! But there is no alternatives to set up your mind.

Here ‘fire’ is a metaphor which I meant for accomplishment. Whatever, you want to achieve, you have to set up your mind first. For a good job, smart girlfriend, college degree, or whatever else, you have a ask it to yourself. But sometime, we don’t know how to set up the fire. Don’t worry, there is the easiest solution for it. Try. Just try it. You may get it undone, half-done, or even you can mess everything up. But yet, you passed the first step. If you have done, you are already done, if you are half-done, you know better than before. If you are messed up, you know, you won’t make the same mistake again. Eventually, on are on your way to the accomplishment.


To get more involved in your ‘trying’ game, the important thing is measuring. We have to to measure how much we have tried, how much success you have achieved and so on. There is one saying that inspires me all too often – “If you cannot measure, you cannot manage’.

Another problem with setting up the fire, we cannot even ask it well. “I really want to be a lawyer or I want to be very established in my job” – well, you are already compromised. Your fire is already blown out. Clench your fist, widen your chest. Have the gut to say I want it or nothing. Chew the food, not the air.

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