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Know thyself – making your weakness pays you off

“Know thyself” – I have heard this  so many times, probably you too,  before you heard it again from me. But I wonder what to know about one’s self – specially when there is a lot to know even  that we cannot know ourselves completely.

Several times, I have asked people about themselves – interestingly enough, it seemed, some person even know others (ex. celebrity) better than they know themselves. Lets see whether you can answer these (I am not going to  say what it implies if you can / cannot answer):

1. What is your favorite color/ bird/animal and so on?

2. What you like to do and what you do not like to do ?

3. what you are doing now ? What you gonna do next ?

4. What are your virtues and what are your vices ?

Anyway, there is a lot and I think, sometime, it is reasonable that you did not think of many of these questions beforehand. For example, if you would have asked me ” what you would do if you are suddenly turned into a sloth?” What the hell! I don’t know, why would I have thought it beforehand?

So, it is okay, not to know answers of very creepy questions about yourself and  hypothetical situation you may fall into.  But as a smart person, you should know least facts about yourself of which  your strength and weakness come first.

“well, why   should I know about my strength  – this is what I already have”. Okay, that seems reasonable but not. In order to use your strength effectively, you need to be aware of it. As for an example, if you work better with a cup of coffee – why not go, grab it and get it done.


By the way, in this note, I want to focus on knowing the  importance of your weakness so that it can help you making the best out of it. So, if  you know your weakness (first of all, you have to know it), here is something you can do:

1. Find out causes of  weakness and cut them off. For example, some person feel comfortable( and confident) in work, when they know they are looking good. If you feel the same way, make yourself look pretty, be confident and nail it down.

2. prevent recurring causes of your weakness, when it is not possible to root them out . For example, if your slutty colleague pissed you off thereby  affects your productivity, stop seeing her (or him) so often (BTW, this is an example to light on the point , you may not  follow it verbose). To be honest, I had many situations when I had to avoid seeing  some of my acquaintance for going better.

3. Take advantage of your weakness. At this point, you know you have certain weakness (and we all have) which you cannot get rid off. Start making use of your weakness. For example, you know, you cannot study/ work overnight while some of your friends/colleagues  do. So, don’t plan your study/work following your friends. Follow, your strength and consider your weakness. On the other hand, I have seen from my personal experience that one of my acquaintance (he was a damn good programmer)  felt more comfortable thinking and solving programming problems at night. He used to say in a funny way “Give me a night, I will make it happen”. Interestingly enough, most of his success, came at night.

To share my personal experiences, some of my weakness indeed paid me off. For example, from my childhood, I was not a good speaker. I could not amuse people by my boring style communication. So, I started listening more than speaking. Eventually, I become a good listener. Now I think, in some respects, being a good listener is more than being a good speaker. Often people found me comfortable to share secret with – which I enjoy. Again, I think, to be a good speaker, you have to listen a lot. So, I believe, being a good listener is one of my virtues. One of my another attributes came from my weakness as well which is – not being so argumentative which was because of the fact of being very bad at  logic and reasoning,

Finally, the point, I want to make  –  know your weakness. Take advantage of  your  own weakness before you let others taking advantage of  it. 


@ Chase Hill,

on 9/15/2013 3:16 PM.

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