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Bringing the Best out of You

Does it ever happened to you that out of a group of people someone stands out to be the most brilliant person and you know you could have done better. It happens. Once my younger sister complaint me about a girl who stood 4th or 5th in the national list  of a professional MBBS exam. She told “listen brother! I know that girl very well. We used to study in the same junior and senior school. There is nothing special in that girl. I can do better than she does. She must acknowledge this fact.”  “so  what –  you could not make it!”.

Unfortunately, the reality is like  that  very often we cannot make things happen – what could have been possible by us, by the very same persons. So, what brings the difference between the glorious face of a winner and  a drab looser face?  I think,  the winner, almost always an usual guy, can bring the best out of himself  while the looser fails to play up. To me, these are the usual ways, a usual guy go by to make the best out of himself —

Think Ahead: It is always worth planning early which leaves the question “how early?”. Lets take an example. If you have a deadline, say 7 days ahead of you and you assume it will take no more than 2 days, you may be inclined to start thinking the problem on the fifth day aiming to finish it by the deadline. But definitely, you would have tight grip on the situation if you start thinking much early probably on the very first or second day. My answer to the question “how early” is – “as early as you can.”

Act immediately: Sometime our plan does not go well, or the situation under which we plan to act changes. To be resilient to these unplanned circumstances, we need to leave room for some unplanned failure. You could have heard from someone -“If I had one more day (or hour), I could do really well” which is a typical reaction from who fail to start at right time. If you wonder – what is the right time to start acting, ‘act immediately’.


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