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Do ‘something’ at least ‘anything’…

“Are you doing something?” Of course, you are. Everybody, at every corner of the world are doing something everytime. So, asking the question “Are you doing something” is regardless. But if I ask, “what you are doing for yourself not on behalf of other self?”. The question gets tricky. If you are listening to a music, who the man, gets the credit for your listening? Hardly, this is you, rather, possibly the singer, or the composer or director or everyone associated with that business.

Take an another example. I have one of my friends, who is most of the times playing computer games – that is good (really?). I hardly play with him in the fair that he would beat me off. But I am not sure, most importantly he is too, what benefit it will bring to him. (Of course, he is passing his time – if you think that way – you are hell damn right. Next of this note, probably be waste of your valuable time.) So, who he is acting these on behalf of? Probably, for the company which developed the game.

So again, if I ask you “are you doing something?” If you are not, then it is the time, you should start searching for ‘something’. “So, what is that ‘something’ you are doing or you can do?”. You have to answer this for yourself. It is okay, if you don’t have yet – because it takes most of our time to get ‘something’ to work with. But don’t stay still with your pretty hands into your pocket, get them dirty – start doing ‘anything’ – that can really be yours – someday bringing you a whole new world.

I have a very good example of it. One of my colleagues, who was just a house wife that time, having passing her leisure listening to music, and watching TV-shows, started doing some trivial things with one professor at a university. She did not really like it, but she was inspired to do something – rather than catering her idle brain. Initially that was not a great thing. According to her – “these data are just stupid making no sense at all, mostly coming from patient’s physical movement “. She (who was not a expert) used to find inconsistency in these data with very little understanding of it. She used to do it because that way she had something to do. Interestingly, she started liking her silly job, the professor started liking the way she does it and stared paying her off. You know what – she is on her way to have a PhD in this once silly thing.

So, don’t stand lazy doing nothing of your own and giving credit to others work – its time to give the world something, something of your very own.

on Sep 21, 2013, 6:38 Pm
at Chase Hill.

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  1. nima
    September 26, 2013 at 8:58 pm


  2. September 28, 2013 at 7:06 pm

    it is really hard to find you out here in word press. it is complex.anyway excellent writing .:) keep it up dear .

    • prosun
      September 28, 2013 at 7:27 pm

      Thanks poly 🙂 … btw, that you mean by ‘hard to find me out @wordpress’.

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