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How to Approach a Professor (part2)

After I notice reasonable visit in one of my earlier posts https://prosuncsedu.wordpress.com/2011/04/03/how-to-approach-a-professor-for-funding-assistantship-admission-supervison – I thought it might be helpful for those – looking forward to approach a professor, to have a look at a real attempt. This is one of my letters issued to professors which drew fair attention from most of them and I would say, this letter really worked for me well. Anyways, tried to anonymize it a little to protect some privacy, other than that I post it verbatim.

Dear Dr. X,

I am XX. I have completed my B.Sc in Computer Science & Engineering from University of Dhaka in 2008.

I am very much interested in Web Personalization, Information Retrieval, And Information Visualization .I am specially interested in Web Usability, Navigability & Information Visualization.

I have one research work done in the field of Web Usability/Navigability. The paper is titled "Pagemap: A dynamic user guiding approach to the most relevant and popular pages in a website". Currently the paper is under review of ICCIT Bangladesh ( http://www.iccit-bd2010.net/). I am attaching the paper for your kind review.

I am very interested on how easily make the information accessible to web user. Recently I am doing a research work on ' Facilitating web page interactivity in personalized web browsing by Tagging web page components' . It will help a user to manage tagging in a web page which will offer better interact within a web site.

I am also interested about Information visualization. My interest is how to visualize a large scale document effectively. I like to apply visualization approach in web sites for quick perception of the purpose of a web site .

I have another paper under review ( in ICCIT'2010 Bangladesh) which is namely "A Proposal For Enhancements In Pair Programming Model" in the field of Software Engineering. I am also attaching the paper with the mail.

I have a good academic background as well. I have scored 73% marks of by B.Sc level which is nearly 3.75 when converted to CGPA.

I am very much interested about pursuing my higher studies and research in the field of HCI. It will be a great opportunity if I can work under your supervision.

Thank you.

I am waiting for your kind consideration.


Hope it would help. Thanks.

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