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Dog Tour 2013

Dog Tour :: 24 Dec – 31 Dec

Route Plan
[12/21] Arlington, TX -> San Antonio, TX
* [12/22] ঘুরাঘুরি
* [12/23] ঘুরাঘুরি

[12/24] Day1: San Antonio, TX -> Gulfport, Mississippi (8 Hours 30min, 590 mi) [Hotel booked at Magnolia Bay Hotel, 9379 Canal Road, Gulfport (Mississippi), MS 39503), 1 night] [Free cancellation until 22 Dec, 11:59PM]

[12/25] Day 2: Gulfport, Mississippi -> Kissimmee, FL (8Hours 30min, 582 mi) [Hotel booked at Econo Lodge Inn & Suites Maingate Central, 4669 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL, 1 night] [Free cancellation until 24 Dec, 4PM]
[12/26] Day 3: ঘুরাঘুরি

[12/26] Day 3: Kissimmee, FL -> Pompano Beach, FL (3 hours, 196 mi) [Hotel booked at America’s Best Inn Pompano Beach, 4211 N Federal Hwy, Pompano Beach, FL, 3 nights] [Free cancellation until 24 Dec, 11:59PM]

[12/27] Day 4: ঘুরাঘুরি (Pompano Beach -> Miami Beach : 45 min drive, 40 miles), Then go back to Hotel for a sleep.
[12/28] Day 5: ঘুরাঘুরি (Pompano Beach -> Keywest, FL: 4 hours drive, 200 miles), Then go back to hotel for a sleep.

[12/29] Day 6: Pompano Beach -> Monticello, FL (6 hours 30min, 461 mi) [Hotel booked at Econo Lodge Monticello,2616 Gamble Roa, Monticello, FL, 1 night] [Free cancellation until 29 Dec, 3:59PM]

[12/30] Day 7: Monticello, FL -> San Antonio, TX (13 hours, 920 mi)

[12/31] Day 8: Return the rental car to Enterprise in San Antonio

[12/31] Day 8: San Antonio
[1/1] Day 9: ঘুরাঘুরি
[1/2] Day 10: San Antonio -> Arlington

Tour Map


Our Moments from Tour
We all @ the Maimi Beach (12/27/2013):

On our way to Key West From overseas Highway:


Soaked in Water:


In the game:

Florida and City of Miami:

Florida seems to be a quite different state in USA. The best of Florida is its green. Anywhere you look around, you will see green trees among which coconut and palm trees are worthy to mention. most.
Another aspect of florida is the preservation of its natural beauty. Except the downtown of miami, all other place looks so natural – not too many highrise buildings, the plants seem naturally grown up without too much pamper and so on. The weather in winter is quite comfortable with rain almost everyday.
miami beach area

our stay at Miami was quite pleasant. Miami seems to be very tourist friendly. Near the Miami beach, you will see many tourists from different races dressed in different color in their relaxing attitude.

Key West, Fl:
Key West is the southernmost city of United States. Key West is as beautiful as the route to the key west. The overseas highway connect florida with key west with one seven miles historical bridge. Most part of the highway has only one lane very frequently running over sea bridge. On the way to key West, there are very small town which looks like island in the sea.
at key west beach

Our Estimated Expenses
Car Rent : $400 ($240.78 base price + $160 estimated insurance price or others)
Hotel 6 nights = $607.40
1 night at Gulfport, MS: $90.52
1 night at Kissimmee, FL: $94.90
3 nights at Pompano Beach, FL: $336
1 night at Monticello, FL: $85.98
Gas 140 Gal x $3 = $420 (slightly over estimated to be safe)
Food $15 x 5 persons x 5 meals in restaurants= $375 (However, we will take food to save money, all the hotels we booked have refrigerator, microwave.)
Extra Parking = $50
TOTAL = $1852.40
Per head = $370

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