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ZeroVM data processing model

Data processing model of zerovm is quite interesting which intrigues me to write this note.
The conventional paradigm of data processing in the could is the isolation of data and application. For example, in conventional cloud, we have a compute node or VM running in some place in the cloud ( for example on Amazon Cloud) while data may reside on some other place (for example openstack object storage, swift). Now in order to process, the data have to be fetched down from the data storage to the Compute node. In simple word, in conventional cloud, data moves the application before processing.

On the other hand, ZeroVM works the other way around. Instead of data moving to the VM, application or query moves the data storage. and on the storage side, a light weight VM is launched along with the data and moved app (or query).


Its worth to mention here that, in order to leverage this new data processing model, openstack object storage “swift” is on its way to design and bundle zero-vm facilities probably in their next release which really claims the applicability of this model.

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