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Lionel Messi – a source of inspiration, source of lives

February 9, 2014 2 comments

I am neither a fan of football nor fan of any other game. But I am a fan of messy. He is quite different from most other  – he shows how to focus on football, which eventually reflects how to focus on anything. Other than his art and tricks (which has left nothing to mention about), I like his attitude of being very hard to stop. He always follows one football and highlights anything that might hinder him following it.

When he stumbles, he rises up quickly and get control of the ball as if he has his life in the tiny little plastic one. He never expects the match referee to see the hostility brought upon him by his fellow game mates which To me, resembles like – in your way people would try to deviate you, pull you back, its your responsibility to focus  your job disregarding whoever else retracts you and expecting no one else to help you. Just moments back, I watched some highlights from messy, and I felt that besides enjoying his dribbling tricks, he possess so many insights and inspiration in his work, one of which that came to my mind –  ‘it is no matter what, you never stop trying’.   It is no less to say when a match has messy as a player, it is no more only a game, not only for fun, but also source of inspiration, guidelines for whoever want to achieve his/her own goal.