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Thank you for make me find my fault.


I would like to thank you for finding out my fault . In fact, I was never aware of that and I do acknowledge that it was not really good. From now on, I should not mention what I have done or try tried to. Lets try out a noble quality. This is a great lesson for me. Thank you for this.


May 30, 2011 (11:00 PM)

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I have just ended watching Big bang Theory

Great!! Its real relief. I have just finished watching a Big bang theory which has 98 episodes of 20 mins average. I think I have ended with a total 33 hours of watching movie.

In was not in straight but I caused me too much time.

I just ended it with rash because it was not letting me concentrate on my work. I am glad now and I think I will concentrate on some thing else.

May 30, 2011 ( 7:18 PM)

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Love and not scare

Love God and not be scared of Him.

I love Him and if I do wrong, I believe he will take me to the right way.

I Love you God cause I love you but not because I am scared of you. But I do care whom I love.

Today, I went to the Church with Kathleen Menz and Tom Tom Luise. I love their payer. I wish I would go with them again.

May 29, 2011 (12:33 PM).


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May 28/2011(1:41 PM)

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How was the meeting ?

How was today’s meeting ?

What Did the Professor say ? Was she happy ?

How is your possibility ?

Hope every thing is fine.

May 25/2011  ( 4:17 P.M)

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I hate cooking …

Cooking is the most disgusting thing of the world…

I wish I were not ever hungry … x-(

17 may, 2011

4:58 PM

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Aj amar mon ta kharap….

Aj amar mon ta kharap…. Kue ke bolte ischa kortese… Kintu kue ke bolbo nah…. .

Majhe majhe mone hoi ami khub stupid… Ami ato stupid kano ?You are a  silly stupid boy prosun…. !!

3:15 A.M.

8 May, 2011.

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