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Big O notation in latex

There are two possible ways to type the big O:


  1. $O(n\log{}n)$ % regular O
$\mathcal{O}(n\log{}n)$ % Open at top left
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Force balancing your Last Bibliography Page

Force balancing your Last bibliography Page


use the flushend package. Just add


in your preamble. It will then take care of the balancing for you. There is no need to add a special macro on the final page of the document.


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Write below symbols in latex

$\policy = \mathop{\cup}\limits_{a \in A} \policy_a$

in place of \cup use any latex command.

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\includegraphics — file not found, even when in same directory

November 30, 2015 Leave a comment

It worked for me after I add these lines





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Keep letter case unchanging in Latex Bibtex

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To keep text case unchanged in bibtex  use {Text}.


Author = {},
Journal = {NIST Special Publication},
Title = {Guide to attribute based access control ({ABAC}) definition and considerations},
Year = {2014}}

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