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Preserving states across function call in Python

Usually functions in Python is not state preserving. That means functions do not save values between calls. But you can make it happen in the following way


# this function remember total from last calls
def summation(value): = getattr(summation,"total",0) + value

When execute:

summation(1) == 1 # true

summation(2) == 3 # true

summation(3) == 6 # true


Saving states across function call might be useful. For example, here I am trying to accumulate sum over a list of numbers.

# clear last total value = 0

[summation(x) for x in [1,2,3]] == [1,3,6] # true


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Load python script into python command line


# Assuming ‘’ is in the current directory





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don’t miss inheriting object when using python @property

Following code looks fine when using python property:


class SomeClass():
    def this( self ):
        return self._hidden_variable * 2
    def this( self, value ):
        self._hidden_variable = float(value) / 2


But the following code would not produce correct result. You must have to inherit object inside SomeClass.

class SomeClass():

has to be changed to

class SomeClass(object):




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