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Lionel Messi – a source of inspiration, source of lives

February 9, 2014 2 comments

I am neither a fan of football nor fan of any other game. But I am a fan of messy. He is quite different from most other  – he shows how to focus on football, which eventually reflects how to focus on anything. Other than his art and tricks (which has left nothing to mention about), I like his attitude of being very hard to stop. He always follows one football and highlights anything that might hinder him following it.

When he stumbles, he rises up quickly and get control of the ball as if he has his life in the tiny little plastic one. He never expects the match referee to see the hostility brought upon him by his fellow game mates which To me, resembles like – in your way people would try to deviate you, pull you back, its your responsibility to focus  your job disregarding whoever else retracts you and expecting no one else to help you. Just moments back, I watched some highlights from messy, and I felt that besides enjoying his dribbling tricks, he possess so many insights and inspiration in his work, one of which that came to my mind –  ‘it is no matter what, you never stop trying’.   It is no less to say when a match has messy as a player, it is no more only a game, not only for fun, but also source of inspiration, guidelines for whoever want to achieve his/her own goal.


philosophy of mistakes (blurred line between facts and assumptions)

February 3, 2014 2 comments

In my “philosophy of mistakes” series one of my intentions was to point out different ways that let us make mistakes. One very common reason is making invalid or unjustified assumptions which I have talked about in this note –

I think, the other common way of making mistake is having a blurred line between facts and assumptions. Sometime, we have prejudice on a particular thing that refrains our lazy mind to give it a fresh thought. As a result, it may happen that there remains some concepts/concern raw or uncooked in our mind, and we never know before it hurts . Lets try to make it concrete by an example –

In my school campus, once I had a meeting in building named “BSB”. Having the fact that, i was in the campus for last three years, I had an impression that I knew all the buildings in my campus. So, before that very meeting time, I did not thought about the building name and location because it seemed too obvious for my attention to be paid.I unfortunately, thought of the wrong building, and when I reached there, found nothing. Later I analyzed why I have made this mistake. It seemed to me I made this mistake because of my prejudice that I know my school campus very well and so, I did not pay enough attention to the place the meeting was going to be held.

So, the point that can be made here – be sure that you are not having an impression like ‘you know something that you do not really know’. Probably this is very hard to question the knowledge possessed by yourself but sometime this may really pay you off.

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When you need it, learn living without it…

September 27, 2013 Leave a comment

When you need it, learn living without it…


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Know thyself – making your weakness pays you off

September 13, 2013 Leave a comment

“Know thyself” – I have heard this  so many times, probably you too,  before you heard it again from me. But I wonder what to know about one’s self – specially when there is a lot to know even  that we cannot know ourselves completely.

Several times, I have asked people about themselves – interestingly enough, it seemed, some person even know others (ex. celebrity) better than they know themselves. Lets see whether you can answer these (I am not going to  say what it implies if you can / cannot answer):

1. What is your favorite color/ bird/animal and so on?

2. What you like to do and what you do not like to do ?

3. what you are doing now ? What you gonna do next ?

4. What are your virtues and what are your vices ?

Anyway, there is a lot and I think, sometime, it is reasonable that you did not think of many of these questions beforehand. For example, if you would have asked me ” what you would do if you are suddenly turned into a sloth?” What the hell! I don’t know, why would I have thought it beforehand?

So, it is okay, not to know answers of very creepy questions about yourself and  hypothetical situation you may fall into.  But as a smart person, you should know least facts about yourself of which  your strength and weakness come first.

“well, why   should I know about my strength  – this is what I already have”. Okay, that seems reasonable but not. In order to use your strength effectively, you need to be aware of it. As for an example, if you work better with a cup of coffee – why not go, grab it and get it done.


By the way, in this note, I want to focus on knowing the  importance of your weakness so that it can help you making the best out of it. So, if  you know your weakness (first of all, you have to know it), here is something you can do:

1. Find out causes of  weakness and cut them off. For example, some person feel comfortable( and confident) in work, when they know they are looking good. If you feel the same way, make yourself look pretty, be confident and nail it down.

2. prevent recurring causes of your weakness, when it is not possible to root them out . For example, if your slutty colleague pissed you off thereby  affects your productivity, stop seeing her (or him) so often (BTW, this is an example to light on the point , you may not  follow it verbose). To be honest, I had many situations when I had to avoid seeing  some of my acquaintance for going better.

3. Take advantage of your weakness. At this point, you know you have certain weakness (and we all have) which you cannot get rid off. Start making use of your weakness. For example, you know, you cannot study/ work overnight while some of your friends/colleagues  do. So, don’t plan your study/work following your friends. Follow, your strength and consider your weakness. On the other hand, I have seen from my personal experience that one of my acquaintance (he was a damn good programmer)  felt more comfortable thinking and solving programming problems at night. He used to say in a funny way “Give me a night, I will make it happen”. Interestingly enough, most of his success, came at night.

To share my personal experiences, some of my weakness indeed paid me off. For example, from my childhood, I was not a good speaker. I could not amuse people by my boring style communication. So, I started listening more than speaking. Eventually, I become a good listener. Now I think, in some respects, being a good listener is more than being a good speaker. Often people found me comfortable to share secret with – which I enjoy. Again, I think, to be a good speaker, you have to listen a lot. So, I believe, being a good listener is one of my virtues. One of my another attributes came from my weakness as well which is – not being so argumentative which was because of the fact of being very bad at  logic and reasoning,

Finally, the point, I want to make  –  know your weakness. Take advantage of  your  own weakness before you let others taking advantage of  it. 


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on 9/15/2013 3:16 PM.

setting up a fire – the must thing is your mind..

September 8, 2013 Leave a comment

How to set up a fire ? what you need ? One possible solution – you need wood, may be gasoline, a lighter. That’s all – not really. Otherwise, the earth would be on fire all the time. The must thing – you may have missed is your mind to set up a fire which is the hardest thing to collect. You have many alternatives for other elements – what about a candle instead of a wood, what about bonfire instead of a lighter ? That ways it is rather easier ! But there is no alternatives to set up your mind.

Here ‘fire’ is a metaphor which I meant for accomplishment. Whatever, you want to achieve, you have to set up your mind first. For a good job, smart girlfriend, college degree, or whatever else, you have a ask it to yourself. But sometime, we don’t know how to set up the fire. Don’t worry, there is the easiest solution for it. Try. Just try it. You may get it undone, half-done, or even you can mess everything up. But yet, you passed the first step. If you have done, you are already done, if you are half-done, you know better than before. If you are messed up, you know, you won’t make the same mistake again. Eventually, on are on your way to the accomplishment.


To get more involved in your ‘trying’ game, the important thing is measuring. We have to to measure how much we have tried, how much success you have achieved and so on. There is one saying that inspires me all too often – “If you cannot measure, you cannot manage’.

Another problem with setting up the fire, we cannot even ask it well. “I really want to be a lawyer or I want to be very established in my job” – well, you are already compromised. Your fire is already blown out. Clench your fist, widen your chest. Have the gut to say I want it or nothing. Chew the food, not the air.

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Worried? No, worry

September 6, 2013 Leave a comment

You are worried ? It’s okay if you are. Why shouldn’t we worry? There is so many things happening around us that we may affect our living either in good or bad ways. So, may be,  if you are worried, you are conscious of the fact that you may be affected. So, you may want to change the way things happen or the way that affects you. Thus, worry is good and keep being aware of yourself.


But very often, this is the other way around.  We are worried of something that we may not change or even, we are not  changing ourselves to adopt the consequences. That way, it gets worse and you are double dead.

One way to keep ourselves away from worrying too much is to think win-win. Thinking win-win  means no matter what happens you gonna win. Really it is. Everything, no matter  whether something is happened to you  or not, you failed a test or not, your girlfriend/boyfriend dump on you or not and so on,  has both good and bad sides. We find the side we are inclined to. If you are a  person who finds only the bad side and no good at all – its yet okay. This is because you did not tried to look the bright side. Now, you will find the good of everything because you want it now.

I have recognized the very  fact, few days ago through one of my experiences.  Very recently, I have purchased a car and I had to sit for the actual road test. I  practiced reasonably well and scheduled a test date. On the very day, I was very nervous. I was thinking what would happen if I fail in which case I had to   re-schedule another test day, receive training from a professional trainer and  ask someone to take me to the DPS (test location). What a heck! But I could not set my mind free of the worry and i knew it gonna kill me on the test. Suddenly, I started thinking about the positive side of failing the test. I thought that if I fail that means I am not skillful enough to drive fluently on roads and highways. So, it is saving me from unwanted road-crushes. So, failing is a good indication that, I need more practice which is for my own  well being.  Eventually, I came to situation which benefits me no matter whether I pass and not. Boom!! I was not worried anymore. Suddenly, I felt comfortable and relaxed. and happy that I passed the test.

So, I think, thinking win-win let you win no matter what happens. So, why not think this way….


@Chase Hill Blvd, San Antonio.

9/8/2013 @11:00 AM.


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Philosophy of Mistakes

August 9, 2013 3 comments

Who do not make mistakes? Well, we all do. But how many of us take care of our mistakes – in deed very few.  Okay;   but what do I mean by taking care of mistakes –  This is like thinking about our mistakes as  we think about  our success.  Well,  we can celebrate our success, share it with our family and friends. This makes them happy and feel proud of us. These are reasons – success are important.  But what about mistakes ? Do we ( or our friends or families) feel happy on our mistakes? Definitely, not. But yet, mistakes are important. The purpose of this note is to find why mistakes are important or  How it benefits us? Why we make mistakes?  Eventually, I like to focus  we may make additional  mistakes  by  ignoring our mistakes.


Mistakes are important for a number of reasons. Firstly, mistakes help us achieving success and maintaining it. Those of us have learnt riding bi-cycle, know  how many times we have fallen down from the cycle. When I was learning cycling,  every time I fell down, I  knew that it makes me fall down. So, I avoided it. Eventually by eliminating every possible mistakes and similar mistakes,  I have become a rider. There is another story, I should share how one of my mistakes helped  become a better cook.  “Misti Doi” is a Bengali recipe for dessert.  I made it two or three times successfully which my friends applaud me for. So, they wanted me to make this very dessert on an important event. Although, I was not an expert cook, I did make it well on earlier event without any mistakes. But this time, things did not go well. I had to make some changes in the recipe which made the total things fail and eventually, nobody liked it though nobody did through it on my face. The reason, this time I failed –  I knew what the good way to make it and did not know the bad thing to avoid. Some little changes in my recipe changed whole lot of things.  Now, I feel more confident – I know what to do and what not to do. In fact,  everyone has his own way of doing  it as well as particular ways of messing it up.

Secondly, Analyzing mistakes refrains us from repeating it . Once a mistake is a mistake, but repeating it,  is a fault. There are particular reasons or ways of making mistakes. For example, most of my mistakes are being made out of wrong/invalid assumptions. Other common reasons of mistakes are insufficient / partial knowledge of something/somebody, reliance on unreliable things or persons and so on. So, when we find the reasons of the mistakes we make, we develop our own way to defend against it.

Again, mistakes educate us no less than our successes. When we do something correctly as it should be, we may miss many details of it. For example, If you have a good car which will run excellent forever, you may not want to know what makes its excellency.  On the other extreme side, if you have so much trouble with your car (and you can’t replace it), you know a lot about fixing it. You fix it every now and then. Unfortunately, lives do not always run smooth which you need to fix more often than you think. These fixes comes through our experiences which comes from our own mistakes  or lesson learnt from mistakes of others.

At the end, we are not perfect, neither the world we live in. Mistakes or errors are inherently  humanly. Mistakes do not directly add values in our living and ignoring them may make us suffer more than once. So taking care of our mistakes is taking good care of us.

Prosunjit Biswas

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on 8/9/2013, 1:06 PM.