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Help the man

January 18, 2009 1 comment

Its a story of long ago when sorcery was in practice.

There lived a young man in a village. Everyone including most girls of that village loved that man. There also was a witch in that village as well. The witch liked the young man. But he loved another girl – a very usual, very simple girl. The witch did not like it. She did never understand why such man should like such a simple girl.

Anyway, a day came when the man was supposed to exchange the engagement ring with the girl. The man gave a very nice diamond ring to the girl. But when to receive a ring back there was thousands of girl with alike appearance to the girl. The witch made all this as it did not like this ceremony to happen.

Anyway, the man was clever enough to choose the right girl out of thousands of other.

Then the marriage day came. This time the witch also made some tricks to deceive the man. But no way the witch succeeded. At last the marriage was over.

The next morning, his wife was not there in his room. Instead he found a tiger beside him. The man did not knew what happened. May be the witch took the wife away and kept the tiger instead. Or the witch turned the girl into a tiger.

Now this was really hard for him to find out what happened. This time it is you who to help the man.

How you will help the man to find out what happened?

Again how the man could choose the right girl at time of engagement among thousands?

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